Saturday, February 21, 2009

FLU stamping

Well, its been one heck of a week sisters! Last Saturday, I told my husband that I think I am getting face hurts. But, like most moms, I kept on going, through the day, cleaning, rearranging furniture, going to a weenie roast complete with hayride, "I will be fine". Fast forward 24 hrs later, 102' degree fever, yep, I am sick. So , thinking it was just a head cold, I am popping Motrin, miracle cure for everything, and still going strong. I stamped a little card for my most awesome husband, and have to admit I was thinking, oh, this will do, because normally I am in the ribbon, the glitter, and anything else I can fit on there, I don't care if it is for my guy, he is going to get some glitter whether he likes it nor not. When I finished with this oh-so-simple and totally lazy card, I thought, in its simplicity, that it was pretty cute. It expressed exactly what I felt. Several days and a Dr. visit later, I am still sick, convinced I have the flu. And today, my people, today is the first day that I have not run fever since Sunday, Feb 15th! Now let me explain something, I am a nurse in a hospital. I have been exposed to most germs known to mankind, most of which would kill the average person, and I thought I had the immune system of a horse. NOT THE CASE! This stuff kicked my butt. The only thing I could do even remotely related to stamping was watch the Cricut infomercial on TV and groan, (and cough...which hurt terribly). Now I am not telling you guys this to have you feel sorry for me, it was just a really long way of telling you why this card only has one little layer, and little coloring with Copics, and a sweet Lodge and Inuit girl stamp from Amuse. I wrote in the sentiment because I wanted something really simple. By the way, my husband loved the card, he is just so awesome, and he took care of me while I was sick too! Hope to see you here again!

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