Thursday, July 8, 2010

Close call....

Once again God has blessed our little stamping community. I am sorry for not posting this earlier, but I have news about the LSS fire. There was a building behind our stamp store that apparently housed part of a printing business.  The oh so responsive Mooresville Fire Department kept spraying the adjacent buildings to keep them wet and cool so that they did not catch fire also. The stamp store did have a little damage, but it only went as far as some cracked window panes and melting door framing. The fire of the building behind it was so bad, and so hot, that they are not sure if they will even be able to determine what caused the fire.  No one was injured and all the beautiful papers, projects, stamps and memories are intact!  Thank you Lord!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sorrowful Evening....

I just heard tonight that our LSS may have been involved in an explosion which resulted in a fire and total loss of the entire building which housed two businesses. I have been watching the news and searching our news websites for more info but I am afraid it is too early for that. Please send a prayer out to Brenda.  This place was a warm wonderful place of stamping family where they always knew your name.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

Ok, so it proves that I don't have ANY readers, but just to make myself feel better, I am going to the....4th! Happy Independence Day all you peoples!   Prayers and good wishes go out to all the SOLDIERS, their families, and a BIG...GINORMOUS...HEARTFELT...THANK YOU. Thank you guys, girls, families...for serving our country, and making it safe to lay our heads on a pillow at night. For allowing us the freedom to choose, when we will wake up, where we will go to church, where we work, what we wear, and how we choose our leaders. If it weren't for these brave, selfless, individuals, we could very well be the group of people dictated by some lunatic that won't let us think for ourselves. Fellow Americans...join me in supporting our soldiers and their families. Tell them thank you when you see them in  in the grocery store or on the street as you go about your day. Don't be shy, let them know that they are appreciated, and ask them to tell those in their divisions that we appreciate them too. It's the LEAST that we can do.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I have decided......

I have decided that it is pretty pathetic that when you get ready to stamp, and you have to take your heat gun or a hairdryer to blow the dust off your workspace, that you probably aren't stamping enough, or blogging enough. I's bad. Really, really, bad. And I am going to change that. It's just that the pool is calling our names, and my supervisor at work, and the dirty dishes in the sink... know whut I mean?  So, I am making these cute little boxes for my sister (who is a brat) and my sister in law's birthdays, which are the 2nd and 4th of July. As soon as I get them done.. I will post them... and if you leave me a comment, I will choose one person to send a cute little unused stamp will be a surprise!  Let's just see if you leave some comments, eh? Mwah to da summatime peeples out there!


Princess T