Thursday, March 10, 2011

"When it doesn't flush"

Aha!   Bet you thought I was gonna say it pours..which would be nice...but it didn't pour......and it sure didn't flush. Recently we have had a boatload of rain and  our "vintage" septic tank just couldn't take it anymore. It wouldn't drain and sooooo our toilet would not flush. I am sure you are wondering what could possibly make me devulge this info. Well, there is an interesting part to this story, when the oh-so-nice gentleman came to "evacuate" the tank we found that the lid was cracked. Not just cracked, but without the dirt on top of it  They tried to stop the shift and lift the lid, but once water got on top of the lid, it bellied up like an old dead fish, and  S...A...N...K.  So now I have a big gaping hole in my yard with a big piece of plywood over it, and a little makeshift fence, just to keep the kids, and the kitty from falling in to the poophole.  So, that my friends is what I have been dealing with today. I have no cool pics...yet. BUT did get a chance to stamp a muslin bag today, only its not quite finished. Leave me a comment if you happen to pop by, and check back in when you get a sec. Sayonara!

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