Sunday, August 22, 2010

In search of the Endless Summer...

There are only a few days left...a few more lazy days left, and then, its back to the grind. I love summer so very much.  My boys are out of school, no deadlines, projects, homework ect. And we play. I MEAN WE PLAY.  We go to the pool, play in the yard, play games in the morning in our jammies, make breakfast together. It is wonderful. (And they let me sleep on the mornings I don't have to go to work.)  They are so much fun, and I don't want our summer to end. However, I guess they do have to learn to make productive people out of themselves, so they must return to school.

These are a few pictures of our vacation to Emerald Isle. It was so beautiful, and yes, the water is beautiful there.  And it makes for good surfing, which my husband are going back in September and taking surf classes from Hotwax Surf Shop.  I swear they are the sweetest business owners ever. There shop has been there for 25 years.  We decided that longboarding would be my speed, you see, I don't like big hungry fish, and the more board I have, the less likely they will bite me and bite the board instead. ( I know that makes no difference, but don't tell my logical mind that.  Its the only way I am going to learn to surf with my husband.)

I have been making button badge reels lately and hopefully soon I will be taking a pic and posting it here for all to see. I will be selling them at the hospital and the school, and if they go over well enough, maybe I will put them in an Etsy shop.

You guys make the most of what is left of the summer, take care of yourselves... until next time....

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