Friday, January 23, 2009

A Little Luv For Ya

Hello all! It is Friday night, woooohoooo! I love Friday nights. The kick off to the weekend, pizza for supper, no cooking, sitting around with the family playin' games and relaxin'. Ahhhh, I love it. Oh, and did I mention NO HOMEWORK! Nooo, not for me, for the kidlets, and yes, I do have to still help them with it. I swear its like I am doing far more homework now than I ever did in school. (Just ignore that sentence, mom.)

So I have some Cats Pajamas goodness to show you. I bought the Puppy Love clear set and just started coloring them up with some Koh-I-Noor pencils, thinking that the Rocket was going to be my p'iece de resistance' (I know I didn't spell that right, but it was fun trying!) but I think the lovebirds are my favorite of this little batch. I have some work to do on the Rocket card, I will post it, I hope you like them and come back for more soon! By the way, you might want to jet over to The Cats Pajamas and pick up their Kitty Cat Pack. Its a whole lotta clear stampin goodness for less than Cat Kibble!
The card with the sweet little fish on the front was stamped for me by my very loving , very tender hearted seven year old, Scout. He loves to create and color too, just like his mom. Recently my wonderful husband helped me to create a new stamping area in our room so Scout took the opportunity to break it in and make me this very sweet little card. So if you check it out and you think it is as precious as I do, please leave him a comment or two, he will be soooo proud!

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