Thursday, March 18, 2010

Scrap Stamping Challenge!

Hello all! Its a very happy Thursday morning in  NC and the sun is shining. I just went walking  and hopefully dropped a bit of a buttcheek here or there.  I also saw a happy family of deer that thought that if they ran really fast across the road that I wouldn't see them. They were jumping a pasture fence and darting into the woods while I was thinking, "I wish I had legs like that, I would look much skinnier". Wouldn't that look funny, I mean if I really had deer legs......whoa.  Anyway, I sat down at my craft table late one night last week before bed, and had a smallish idea. What if I could take just the scraps that I found on my tabletop and made a card out of them, could I do it with just the scraps laying out?

This is what I came up with! The sentiment stamp is one of the new unmounted stamps from SU! They are pretty cool, and since I don't demonstrate for SU anymore I can say I used a PTI circles stamp to accompany it and bring some of the colors from the patterned paper onto white sentiment. I thought the words needed a little sparkle so I went over the sentiment with a little jellyroll pen action. This card is not perfect, but it was sooooo super quick, I am thinking like maybe five minutes. I added the little cloth flower at the top just because the jar was on my tabletop  and it really wanted to be on the card too.  I hope everyone is having an amazing Thursday, and will have a wonderful weekend!

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alma said...

Just awesome! What a great look from stuff just hanging out on your desk.